Fee list

Treatment & Residential Charges

Particulars Fixed Fees
Consultation Charge ₹500/-
Admission Charge ₹500/-
Outdoor (Non-residential) Treatment Charges
Particulars No. of Therapies per day Duration Amount
Monthly Basis Treatment 1 1 1 month ₹9,000/-
Monthly Basis Treatment 2 2 1 month ₹15,000/-
Daily Basis Treatment as suitable to patient 1 to 15 days ₹500/-per session
Indoor (Residential) Treatment Charges
Particulars No. of Therapies per day Duration Amount
General Treatment 2 1 month ₹15,000/-
Special Treatment 4 1 month ₹22,000/-
Treatment of Incurable (Fatal) Diseases (Eg. Kidney Failure, Cancer, etc) -- 1 month ₹30,000/-
Distant Therapy Consultation
There may be situations in life that it becomes necessary to get the treatment for your disease immediately but the present circumstances doesn’t allow you to stay away from home or take immediate leave from office or business. For such circumstances, if the patient reside outside Bhagalpur, then they can take benefit of our Distant Therapy Consultation. There may not be as much benefit as our Indoor or Outdoor Patient Program, but in this way partial benefit or at least, comparatively little benefit of Naturopathy can be taken.
Duration Amount
3 months ₹12,000/-
Residential Charges (Full Cottage)
Particulars Duration Amount
General Cottage 1 month ₹18,000/-
Deluxe Cottage 1 month ₹20,000/-
General Cottage Per Day ₹800/-
Deluxe Cottage Per Day ₹1000/-
Residential Charges (Per Person)
Particulars Duration Amount
General Cottage Per month ₹7000/-
General Cottage Per day ₹450/-
Deluxe Cottage Per month ₹8000/-
Deluxe Cottage Per day ₹500/-

Important Information

  • It is mandatory to deposit two months treatment fee in advance and before the end of the advance, the next month's advance treatment fee is mandatory. If this payment is delayed, it will be mandatory to pay late fee of Rs. 50 / = per day till the date of receipt of payment after the due date.
  • Treatment fees for the above dates will be payable even if absent during the treatment period.
  • In this centre, there is a provision of concessional / free medical treatment to poor patients only. Therefore, the request for concession / exemption / free medical treatment by financially competent persons is not appropriate.
  • Special: In special circumstances or in certain diseases (Psoriasis, Asthma, Joint Pain, etc.), the medical fee can be determined only by looking at the condition of the disease. In such a situation, the decision of management will be considered final.