Is there any need to do advance booking to get treatment at your centre?

Yes, patients need to do advance booking and we suggest everyone that if you are not a resident of Bhagalpur, then please consult with our doctor first through phone before coming here and availing Naturopathy treatment. To contact our center, please call the given number : + 91-9939875509, + 91-9973979040.

How much does the general treatment cost in indoor?

For information related to treatment and other charges, visit the link given –

If due to some reason patient is unable to be present on the day of the treatment, will they have to pay the fee for that day?

If the reason of absence is genuine and the patient is present on the next fixed date for treatment, then fee of the previous absence day can be waived as per the instructions by our director.

Is it mandatory to pay the consultation fee along with the enrollment fee?

Any patient is required to consult with our doctor before enrolling themselves for treatment. Patients can consult with our doctor without even enrolling themselves in the centre. Hence, the consultation fee has been kept separate and mandatory from the Registration fee.

Will the accompanying family member or attendant have to pay the residential fee?

It is mandatory to pay the residential fee of any family or assistant accompanying the patient. We provide both type of facilities to the patients. If patient wishes, they can take residential accommodation at per person rate or at full cottage rate.

I want to opt for Indoor Treatment; will I have to pay the cost of food separately from treatment charges?

Yes, the patient has to pay the food charges separately from the residential and treatment fee. In our center’s Natural Food Court, food is prepared in pure and natural way and has been made available to the patients and their attendant at the basic cost.
Apart from the main food, whatever other supplements such as salads, fruits, milk, and other nutritious foods are provided for the patients; the patient has to pay for it separately.