Natural Habitat


Peaceful green environs helps patient regain their mental composure and discover their true selves. Close proximity to the nature brings back the lost enthusiasm in physically weak and distraught patients and they automatically seek Naturopathy to get rid of their ailments. We do not even prune bushes on our grounds without reason. We never use any chemical insecticide; if required we boil Neem leaves and use the water as spray. We use Tulsi leaves to keep away mosquitos from the patients’ residential area. Our efforts are concentrated towards maintaining a natural balance on the premises. You would come across various animals existing together on the center grounds. Our grounds are a sanctuary to many endangered species too. Living in such an ambience inevitably revives the life force of patients.

Mud Houses:

One of the specialities of the center is residing in mud houses, which carries out a significant role in treatment process. Clay (soil) is rich with mineral salts and is in harmony with bodily salts therefore living in mud house or clay house helps body regain its internal balance. In addition, clay inhibits extreme heat of summers and extreme cold of winters; this maintains a normal room temperature. As a result there is limited use of heaters and air conditioners thus considerable reduction in electricity usage

Why a Mud House ?

A famous eye specialist of our town, whom I visit quite often, in 2002 mentioned during our conversation that most people have to use glasses after 40. Because of myresearch disposed curiosity I asked whether this was true for each and every one of us. He further explained that people living in villages do not face any vision related problem long after 40. My curiosity led me towards villages and I found that even in villages many people use glasses. Upon further deep observation I found out that the villagers living in mud houses were in better health in comparison to those living in cement houses. What surprised me more was that the families living in mud houses had none or almost negligible case of chronic diseases. However, the families which prospered and moved to cement houses gradually lost their health. In short, mud or clay has some element that boosts our immunity. Following this, we studied tribal housing and found that the hypothetical relation between good health and mud houses proved itself true there too. We then built a mud hut and instructed a patient to reside in the hut during the course of treatment. We were surprised to find that the patient recovered in half the time period that is usually taken for the treatment of that particular disease. But, this mud hut couldn’t stand the heavy showers of Bhagalpur and was lost in mud. Learning from this experience we took up to constructing mud houses using Adobe technique. Inclusion of bathrooms and toilets in a mud house is unique in itself. Named Saptsindhu five of such mud houses are available with us.