Natural Food Court

On 15 June 2016, Shri Nitish Kumar Ji, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar inaugurated the Natural Food Court at the centre. The Patron - in - Chief of our organization, former Foreign and Finance Minister Hon’ble Shri Yashwant Sinha Ji graced the occasion. Shri Yashwant Sinha Ji inaugurated the kitchen of the eatery by lighting the lamp and had the first meal cooked in this kitchen along with other dignitaries. The meal was also relished by International Journalist Shri Satish Jacob, Senior Journalists and well known personality of India - Shri Rahul Dev and Senior Journalist - Shri Krishna Mohan Singh, Secretary of the TPCK and eminent social worker - Dr Vinod Bala Singh, Wife of the grandson of Rai Bahadur Shiv Shankar Sahay - Smt Geeta Sahay, Daughter of learned lawyer and eminent social worker Late Fatik babu - Smt. Vasvati Banarjee -, Academician and Vice – Chancellor of Tilkamanjhi Bhagalpur University - Shri Ramashankar Dubey, Social Worker of Bhagalpur and son of famous Shiv Narayan Babu - Dr. P.K. Sinha and the Vice Chairman of TPCK - Shri Harvansh Mani Singh.

Special cooking method and care is used to prepare alive nutrients enriched food. We cook here a manner that the nourishing elements of the food may not get destroyed. Organically grown vegetables may be dull in colour but we strongly support their use over artificially coloured vegetables. We teach patients that vegetables having marks of insects are a proof that they have not been treated with poisonous insecticides or pesticides. Definition of drinkable water is simple and straight; the water should have following three qualities; colourless (transparent), odour free and tasteless. We advocate the use of water in living form. Water which has been boiled or treated by machine leading to the loss of important mineral salts is not alive water and it weakens our body. Our practical working systems are based upon aforementioned Principles of Natural Science and we serve alive food and water in our mud dining hall to all patients.

The food prepared in our kitchen is not spicy and the coarse flour used for roti is made of germinated wheat. Visitors not only enjoy the tasty meals but also want to learn the recipes. Shri Nitish Kumar, the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Bihar stayed with us in our mud house for 3 days and also learnt the recipes and cooking method of the food served to him.

The food in our kitchen is cooked with utmost attention given to cleanliness and hygiene. The cooking team consists of four trained women employees, who diligently follow the Basic Principles of Naturopathy, while Cooking Food and Serving with motherly affection. The team works under the guidance of Smt. Babita Devi and the team members include – team leader, cooking - Shushri Nisha Kumari; Chief hostess of the centre - Smt. Sunita Devi; and cooking expert - Smt. Sangita Bairagi. Our cooking team plays an important role in the recovery of the patients residing in the centre. Residential patients, their families and student groups on educational trips interact and take tips about naturopathy and natural ways of cooking from the cooking team.