Our Treatment Philosophy :

We are not against IMPORTANT DIAGNOSTICS TESTS, MEDICINES OR SURGERY. However, we strongly oppose UNNECESSARY TESTS, UNREASONABLE USE OF MEDICINES & AVOIDABLE SURGERIES. Treatment is a service and some expenses are unavoidable, we do not deny this.
However, to extract huge amount of money out of the fear of the patients’ families and the patient, is inhuman and unethical and we never encourage such philosophy. Our approach of treatment and ethical practices make us on of the best naturopathy centres in India.

Diagnosis :

Our treatment methodology includes long conversations with patients to diagnose the disease and identify the reason and to reach up to the root cause of the illness. We make efforts to understand the mental condition of the patients and help them overcome their fear and miseries. Motivation of patients towards good health is our preliminary step before starting formal treatment.

Determining the treatment process :

After determining the root cause of a disease through the study of facial expressions of the patient, diagnosis and analysis of the disease is done, following this treatment methodology a naturopathy diet plan is advised to the patient. Symptoms of the disease present on the face and other parts of the body are photographed and required diagnostic tests are also carried out. Function of food in naturopathy is similar to that of a medicine in other methods of treatment, thus meals plan of the patients is kept under strict discipline. Treatment is then carried forward using mud, water, sunshine and air, as per the existing and constantly changing facial expressions of the patient. Patients are required to submit written details (in the individual treatment file) of their health and other issues on daily basis; speed or percentage of recovery is then assessed on weekly basis.

Food, Water and Air in live (active) state :

To prepare food that is enriched with live or active state of nutrients, we use special cooking method, which does not destroy the nourishing elements of the food. We also strongly support the use of organically grown vegetables, which may be dull in colour, over artificially coloured vegetables. We teach patients that insects in the vegetables are a proof that they were not treated with poisonous insecticides. Definition of potable water is simple and straight, if water has following three qualities – the water is transparent, odour free and flavour less. We advocate the use of water in alive (active) form. Water, which is boiled or machine treated leading to the loss of important mineral salts, is not a living form of water and cannot give life to our bodies. Rather continuous consumption of such type of water weakens our body. Our practical working systems are based upon aforementioned principals of natural science and we serve live food and water in our dining made of mud to all our patients. One of the specialities of the centre is residing in mud cottages, which carries out a significant role in healing process. Clay (soil) is rich with mineral salts and in harmony with bodily salts therefore living in mud house or clay house helps body regain its internal balance. In addition, clay inhibits extreme heat of summers and extreme cold of winters; this maintains a normal room temperature. As a result there is limited use of heaters and air conditioners; thus considerable reduction in electricity usage is an additional benefit to the patient’s health and environment.

Why a Mud House :

Our researches carried out over the long period of time have proven that people living in mud houses enjoy better health and with minimal deterioration in eyesight as compared to those living in cement houses. Surprisingly enough the families living in mud houses had none or almost negligible case of chronic ailments. However, the families which prospered and moved to cement houses gradually lost their natural state of health. In short, mud or clay has some elements that boost our immunity. We also studied tribal housing and found that the relation between good health and mud houses proved itself true there too. We constructed mud houses on our premises using Adobe technique. Inclusion of bathrooms and toilets in a mud house is unique in itself. Named Saptsindhu five of such mud houses are available with us. Residing in mud houses is also one of the reasons that even chronic patients experience immediate health improvement.

The Cottage Made by Adobe Technology