What are the accommodation facilities in this centre?

The huge campus of Tapovardhan Naturopathy Center is pure, pollution free, natural environment, clean, peaceful and safe amidst dense greenery. Patients get invaluable health benefits by living in the mud houses. They are equipped with modern bathrooms and other required facilities. For detailed description visit the given link –

I want to a female member of my family to stay with me during the therapy. Is the campus safe?

The campus of our center is completely safe for women. There are many guards for security, including female guards. Many female employees working in this center live inside the campus. For any emergency, there is a police station just at a distance of 100 meters from the center.

Is there enough space in the centre’s compound for walking and daily exercises?

Yes, there is enough space in our center for routine walks and exercises. We motivate our patients to walk daily and spend time close to nature as much as possible. Our center is spread over 9 acres, in which special attention has been given to the pure and green environment. For detailed description, visit the link below –

Is there an allopathic hospital or a doctor nearby for emergency needs?

Yes, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College & Hospital is located at a short distance from our center, where necessary doctors and facilities are available to deal with every emergency. Also, there are many hospitals within a radius of 2 kilometers. It is important to remember that Naturopathy is impractical in emergency situations, but immediately after dealing with the emergency, make your body completely healthy and new through Naturopathy.

What's the bathroom like in this centre?

The bathroom in our center is very clean and equipped with everything needed. Gandhiji used to say that the toilet should be clean enough to recite the Ramayana in it. Cleanliness is given great importance in our center, which is why every bathroom is cleaned twice a day and before and after treatment.

Is the Indian seat / western commode facility available in the bathroom of this center?

Yes, keeping in mind the needs of patients, every bathroom in our center has both facilities – Indian and Western.

I am traveling from my car to Bhagalpur, is there any arrangement for my driver to stay in this center?

Yes, driver accommodation can be provided on request.

Does this center have Wi-Fi facility?

Yes, 24 x 7 Wi-Fi facility is available at our center.

What are the arrangements of electricity in this center?

The electricity system in our center is efficient. We have very few power cuts in a day and even if electricity goes, the generators and inverters are installed for such situations.