Which diseases are treated in this center?

Many types of diseases are treated in this center. For detailed description visit the given link.
ATTENTION: Allopathy is best suited for emergency situation. If any emergency situation occurs, one must tackle it through Allopathy medical system. Once the situation is under control, Heal your body completely through Naturopathy. We do not treat patients of Leprocy and Tuberculosis in our center. We suggest to take medicines in these two diseases. Once the medicinal treatment is complete then the patient should immediately get admission in our centre to remove all the side-effects of medicine and make the whole body healthy again.

Does one have to stay at the centre to avail Naturopathy treatment?

It depends on the patient’s disease and its condition that whether they should take indoor therapy or outdoor therapy. If the diseases is not in serious condition then you can resort to our other therapies like Outdoor Therapy Programme or Distant Therapy Consultation but our doctor suggest that you should take full advantage of Naturopathy while staying in the premises. If the patients are local (residents of Bhagalpur), then they can enroll themselves in Outdoor Therapy Program and continue their work or businesses while treating their body through Naturopathy. Go to the given link for detailed description –

Will my illness be cured at your centre?

Yes, many types of diseases are treated permanently through Naturopathy at our centre. Provided that you contact us as soon as the disease is detected and then immediately enroll yourself in Naturopathy treatment because Natural process of healing a body is slow and it takes time to completely cure the body of any diseases. We remove the disease from the root and make the whole body healthy and natural again.

My relatives live in Bhagalpur. Can I avail Outdoor Therapy by staying with them?

Yes, Outdoor therapy can be availed by staying at a relative’s place, but the diet chart given by the doctor must be followed accurately.

Can my hair problems be treated through Naturopathy?

Yes, all types of hair diseases are treated at our center through Naturopathy. To read the full list of diseases treated here, go to the Diseases Treated Here page or visit the link given below –

Can my hair get long, thick and nourished through Naturopathy?

Yes, hair can be made long and thick through Naturopathy. To read the list of other diseases, visit the Diseases Treated Here page or visit the link given below –

Will my Allopathic medicines be stopped after getting treated at your centre?

Yes, one can get rid of any medicine through Naturopathy but without the instructions of this centre’s doctor, neither stop nor start taking any medicine because the need of medicine is to fight the disease. Through Naturopathy, any disease can be cured from its root and the whole body can be made healthy again. Our body does not need any medicines when it is completely healthy.

Is it possible to treat any disease from its root through Naturopathy?

There is a famous saying in Naturopathy that “There is the cure for every disease, not every patient”. This is to say that any disease can be cured from the root but not every patient. For example, if we take 10 patients of same disease, 7 of them will be cured and 3 will not. This is because the healing capacity of those three patient is over. Naturopathy doesn’t function on external healing factors, rather it makes the body’s immune system so strong that the body itself cures any disease.

How long will it take to cure the disease completely through Naturopathy?

It should be assumed that the recovery time varies from patient to patient depending on the the disease and its condition. We can definitely say that the patients start feeling better within the first week of their treatment. Weekly tests are conducted and feedback reports are taken from all the patients so that their health progress is monitored and they are getting the full benefit of their treatment.

Can patients of all ages come here for treatment?

Yes, patients of all ages are treated at our center. Whether it is a child or an elder person, Naturopathy can make everyone completely healthy and disease free because Naturopathy is an art of making our body new again.

Should I stop taking medicine as soon as my treatment starts in this center?

In cases of allopathy or any medicines, neither discontinue nor start taking any medicine without the instruction of this centre’s doctor. The doctor will decide when and how to stop the medication. Any medicine is like crutches, so medicines are discontinued as soon as the body parts start recovering.

What kind of patients undergo indoor treatment in this centre?

Indoor consists of patients who are from outside Bhagalpur, patients who suffer from serious illness, patients suffering from complex diseases and patients who have discomfort in walking or doing normal routine on their own or according to the advice given by our doctors.
There are some diseases that need to be treated while staying indoors, which require intensive rest during the therapy. For more information visit the given link –

What kind of patients undergo Outdoor treatment in this centre?

In Some cases, where it is necessary to get the treatment immediately but the present circumstances are not allowing you to stay away from home or take immediate leave from office or business. In such conditions, if the patients are local (residents of Bhagalpur), then they can resort to external (outdoor) therapy. Go to the given link for detailed description –